Community Grant Awards

The Golden Triangle RC&D believes it’s a combination of factors that make a community great.

Clean air and water, vibrant parks and recreation areas, active citizen involvement, great schools, effective social services, and a spirit of local pride all factor into making a community one we want to call home.


Working through our mission and vision, we have created a self-funded investment program

which works to assist the residents in our service delivery area to achieve a sustainable natural resource base, increase social and economic opportunities, and improve quality of life.  This program endeavors to make a positive difference through targeted grants to causes and organizations that help advance the social, economic, educational, environmental, and agricultural interests of cities and counties in the communities we serve.


Preference is given to organizations in our service delivery area that can demonstrate clear, measurable results toward stated objectives and a solid track record for success.  The counties in our service delivery area include: Baker, Calhoun, Clay, Decatur, Dougherty, Early, Grady, Miller, Mitchell, Randolph, Terrell, and Seminole.


The Community Grant Award is usually offered in a Request for Proposal once a year.  Please check our website for the dates of the next round of funding, current grant guidelines, and applicable due dates.


Grant Guidelines


1. Grant proposals should endeavor to make a positive difference in your community by helping to advance the social, economic,

    educational, environmental, and agricultural interests of your city or county.


2. Maximum Grant Request - $1,000.00


3. This is a reimbursement grant.  Funds will be awarded when GTRCD receives and approves the final report and receipts for the



4. Grantees must submit a final report, including photographs (if applicable) and receipts, to Golden Triangle RC&D.


6. Eligible grantees will be chosen from within the following counties as long as the county dues are current: Baker, Calhoun, Clay,

    Decatur, Dougherty, Early, Grady, Miller, Mitchell, Randolph, Terrell, and Seminole


7. Grantees who can provide in-kind or matching contributions will be given higher priority.


2016 Grant Winners:

Project Title:  Community Computer Literacy Project


The S.T.E.P. Coalition has provided tutorial services to Pre-K and K5 children for 12 years.  During this time they have discovered that seniors, many of whom are raising younger children, suffer from a lack of technology education or access to technology.  Some senior citizens have fears and anxieties concerning computers and many times parents are unable to assist their children with computerized school assignments due to a lack of training.

The Community Computer Literacy Project provided workshops which increased computer knowledge and provided greater access to enhance the skills of adults and senior citizens in this technology driven society.  The workshops also provided information to the participants regarding internet search engines and tools.  This project was very successful and improved the lives of the participants while expanding their opportunities.



Project Title:  Learn for Life


After a child from Clay County drown the previous summer because he had no swimming skills, the Clay County Family Connection applied for a Community Grant Award to teach kids to swim and save lives.

The Learn for Life project brought several organizations together in collaboration to improve the lives of the children in Clay County.  The participants learned valuable swimming techniques and water safety throughout this one week course.  The US Army Corp of Engineers provided boating and safety lessons, several local churches provided buses to get the children to the location of the lessons and provided snacks, Clay County Family Connection provided cash to cover the fuel costs, George Bagby Park donated the use of the pool for the lessons, and volunteers signed up to aid with the supervision of the children.

After the 1 week program was complete, the following results were reported:  7 beginner swimmers mastered putting their face under water, holding their breath, and some basic swimming and kicking strokes; 5 intermediate swimmers mastered all beginner skills as well as swimming across the shallow end of the pool, the front crawl, and worked on the breast stroke; 8 advanced swimmers mastered all beginner and intermediate swimmer skills and swam across the deep end.  They could float, tread water, turn their head from side to side and take a breath in order to continue swimming, and learned the back stroke.

There were a total of 20 students in the class, 14 of whom had no previous swimming experience.




Project Title:  Creating Paths for Authentic Learning (Southwest Georgia STEM Charter School)


Southwest Georgia STEM Charter School is a newly formed school with a focus on agriculture.  Creative Paths for Authentic Learning is an initial project which will enhance the place-based learning that begins in their school gardens.  This project will allow the students to create unique one of a kind stepping stones that will provide an aesthetic pathway to the garden and help with previous erosion issues.  The project will arrange for the purchase of two rain barrels to help with irrigation and soil erosion.




Project Title:  Colquitt’s First Folk Life Festival (Colquitt Miller County Chamber of Commerce)


Colquitt’s First Folk Life festival is a new event that coincided with the final week of the ever popular Swamp Gravy.  The new festival joined arts, crafts, and music vendors in the historic downtown area.  The additional foot traffic was a huge economic boost to the economy of this Southwest Georgia town. The grant provided funding for marketing, signage, and ground preparation for the event. The work done in the event area not only enhanced the area visually, but provided a great backdrop for future events and everyday shopping.




Project Title:  Summer Youth Program: AF-STEM Connection (East Baker Historical Society)


The AG-STEM Connection project provided a 6 week Summer Program for 60 students in grades K-12 that delivered learning experiences that demonstrated the link between the Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) to agriculture.  Students applied reading, writing, computers, science, and mathematics skills to explore the real-life applications to the science and practice of farming.  In addition, students explored careers related to agriculture that involved research and development.  The participants visited Waters Agricultural Lab, Owens and Williams Fish Farm, C.M. Stripling Irrigation Center, White Oak Pastures, Flint Riverquarium, the Georgia Water Planning and Policy Center, and farms that produced vegetables and raised animals.  The participants also built and planted raised bed planter boxes around the facility.

2017 Grant Winners:

Deerfield Windsor Schools

Project Title:  Middle School Exploratory Outside Classroom

The grant will be used to construct a work station equipped with a sink, storage cabinets, power sources, and an awning.  This area will serve the garden and DIY/Life Skills classes.


UGA Cooperative Extension Terrell County

Project Title:  Bird’s Eye View Crop Scouting

The grant will be used to purchase a Phantom 4 Pro drone.  This remote controlled aircraft has a camera, as well as software that will aid in early disease, pest, and erosion detection for farmers in Terrell County.


Ochlockonee River Water Trail

Project Title:  Kiosk on the Ochlockonee

The grant will be used to build a kiosk at the Hadley Ferry Boat Landing to provide information about the river, water conditions, paddling opportunities and safe boating/fishing practices in order to promote eco-tourism in Grady County.


Clay County Family Connection, Inc.

Project Title:  Learn for Life #2

The grant will be used to provide a similar program to the one the group implemented last year.  It will teach children to swim and provide boating and water safety classes.  This project is a collaborative effort between the Clay County Family Connection, Clay County Commissioners, George T. Bagby Lodge, The U.S. Corp of Engineers, local churches, and local volunteers.  The class will provide lessons for 20 students.


















Colquitt Food Bank

Project Title:  Freezers for Food Bank

The monthly food bank serves an average of 375 families in Miller and Baker Counties.  Food is received from Second Harvest Food Bank in Thomasville, GA. and distributed from the Colquitt location.  They were unable to accept much in the way of frozen food due to storage imitations.  This grant was used to purchase 2 freezers that helped to alleviate the storage issue and provide the families with a much improved selection of frozen foods.


Flint Riverkeeper

Project Title:  4th Annual Fall Float on the Flint

For the past 4 years over Columbus Day weekend, Flint Riverkeeper and Georgia River Network’s Paddle Georgia project partner to offer a three day camping and paddling experience on the lower Flint River.  The goal is to provide educational and recreational opportunities for up to 125 paddlers.  The grant will be used to support youth participants in the event.  It will cover registration and other expenses for a certain number of high school students and their teachers to participate in this educational event.


Terrell County Chamber of Commerce

Project Title:  Terrell County Chamber Internship

This grant will allow an intern the opportunity to experience social media, grant writing, research, media releases, and other digital marketing avenues.  The intern will prepare a portfolio to include the documents listed above and be able to present the portfolio to prospective future employers.


Albany Area Primary Health Care, Inc.

Project Title:  AAPHC’S Community Resource Fair

Albany Area Primary Health Care (AAPHC) hosts an annual community wide health fair in Dougherty County to provide health screenings and health resource information at large in Albany and surrounding communities.  AAPHC seeks to grow this event to reach even more individuals who otherwise may not have health screenings or be aware of resources that are available to them.  Additional health screenings and more patient information can be provided for through this grant.


Colquitt Miller County Chamber of Commerce

Project Title:  Signage for National Mayhaw Festival

Miller County has hosted the annual Mayhaw Festival for 34 years.  New signage is needed to help promote this festival and increase tourism through the historic Southwest Georgia community.  The festival drives people to the downtown area and has a major positive impact on the local economy.

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