2017 Golden Triangle Representatives


Baker County:  Mark Melvin and Matt Bryan

City of Blakely: Jamey Crozier

Calhoun County:  Tommy Manry and Brenda Wethersby

City of Donalsonville:  Travis Brooks and Lindsey Register

Clay County: Ernest Jenkins and Jim Synder

Dougherty County:  Doug Wilson

Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District:  Steve Singletary and Steve Bailey

Early County:  Wallace O’Neal and Jamey Crozier

Grady County:  Elwyn Childs and Margaret Tyson

Lower Chattahoochee Soil and Water Conservation District: Guy Beard

Miller County: Billy Roland and Luther Clearman

Mitchell County:  Clark Harrell and Ivey Griner

Randolph County:  Jimmy Bradley and Steven Jackson

Seminole County:   Darius Culverson and Sheila Williams

Terrell County: Jack Hufstetler and Seth McAllister


Blakely, Georgia Office

Dawson, Georgia Office